When you're booking an taxi airport transfer to Dikker and Thijs hotel Amsterdam ,
you'll want to be certain that you're booking a service which you can rely on and this is precisely what we can provide.

We pride ourselves on offering an taxi airport transfer service which is reliable and affordable,
and which will leave you feeling fully relaxed before or after your flight.

Where We’ll Meet You?

Finding your Dikker and Thijs hotel taxi driver in a crowded airport terminal is never been anyone’s idea of fun.
After a long flight the last thing you need is any more stress, especially when you’re exhausted.
To solve this problem, please read below:

Once you have collected your baggage, proceed through to the arrivals hall and make your way to the Meeting place at the departure hall.
Call us and your driver will meet you in max. 15 minutes for your transfer.

CAR 39,00 euro - pay after your transfer

Minivan 44,00 euro - pay after your transfer


Arrival information after landing

Paying with visa, amex , master credit cards and cash is possible

A well maintained fleet of premium vehicles as well as presentable drivers

Google maps " Dikker and Thijs hotel " click at the balloon

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